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Aging disrupts muscle stem cell function by impairing matricellular WISP1 secretion from fibro-adipogenic progenitors.

Lukjanenko, Karaz S, [...] Chazaud B, Rudnicki MA, Bentzinger CF, Feige JN.

Cell Stem Cell, 2019

Loss of fibronectin from the aged stem cell niche affects the regenerative capacity of skeletal muscle in mice.
Lukjanenko L, Jung MJ, [...], Rudnicki MA, Fan CM, von Maltzahn J, Feige JN, Bentzinger CF.
Nature Medicine, 2016

Dystrophin expression in muscle stem cells regulates their polarity and asymmetric division.
Dumont NA, Wang YX, von Maltzahn J, Pasut A, Bentzinger CF, Brun CE, Rudnicki MA.
Nature Medicine, 2015

Inhibition of JAK-STAT signaling stimulates adult satellite cell function.
Price FD, von Maltzahn J, Bentzinger CF, Dumont NA, Yin H, Chang NC, Wilson DH, Frenette J, Rudnicki MA.
Nature Medicine, 2014

Wnt7a stimulates myogenic stem cell motility and engraftment resulting in improved muscle strength.
Bentzinger CF, von Maltzahn J, Dumont NA, Stark DA, Wang YX, Nhan K, Frenette J, Cornelison DD, Rudnicki MA.
J Cell Biol., 2014

Fibronectin regulates Wnt7a signaling and satellite cell expansion.

Bentzinger CF, Wang YX, von Maltzahn J, Soleimani VD, Yin H, Rudnicki MA.

Cell Stem Cell, 2013